Séminaire “Dis-Placing Politics” – ULIP 2017-2018

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The University of London Institute in Paris, in conjunction with Queen Mary University of London, the American University of Paris and University of Kent, Paris School of Arts and Culture, are pleased to be hosting a new joint series of events following on from the Politics of Translation, Translation of Cultures series.

Events are free (reservation is advised) and are open to all and any interested parties. Seminars are followed by a drinks reception.

Reading workshops & Upcoming events :

This event series explores the contemporary social movements and political struggles that are displacing politics from its usual locations and exposing new sites for political activity. It also considers the multiple technologies which traverse these new political arenas, connecting and reconfiguring traditional solidarities and identifications, such as citizenship, class, culture and gender.

The prefix trans-, more than any other marker, has been used to signify this displacement of politics. The prefix trans- now operates in multiple compounds: transnational, transdisciplinarity, transgender, transcultural and many more. It also expresses processes of displacement such as translation, transition, transference or transgression. This is perhaps because trans- evokes multiple meanings: crossing over, changing, moving between, passing through, over, to or on the other side of, beyond, outside of, from one place, person, thing, or state to another.

We will be asking speakers to think through the modulation produced by trans- in order to consider how it works between and across the categories that shape our sense of the world and the disciplines of study that make up its girders.

The questions we will be addressing include:

  • How do we find new ways of acting across/acting out/acting beyond?
  • How is the contemporary world becoming both de-territorialised and re-territorialised and are the two implicated in one another?
  • What are the current transformations of political community and its principles of belonging? And how do laws and the state function in this domain?
  • What are the effects on language and culture that are caused by shifting political dimensions and vice versa
  • What makes political responsiveness possible?

Reading Workshops

Each seminar in the Dis-placing Politics series will be preceded by a reading workshop based around the evening’s theme.

Led by our Erasmus Research Fellows, Idil Onen and Jordan Skinner, these workshops offer the opportunity to discuss the evening’s ideas more widely, with relevance to particular readings and with input from the speaker.

All are welcome at these workshops, but we request that you contact Idil and Jordan to sign up and to receive the readings, time and location details in advance.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 28 September

TransEuropa: Where is Europe? with Engin Isin (QMUL and ULIP) and Charlotte Chopin (ULIP) (in association with the Challenging Europe event series).

Thursday 19 October

Mobility, Immobility and Membership with Anne McNevin (New School) and Peter Hägel (AUP).

Friday 17 November  

Missing Persons – Lost and Found in Paris with Anna-Louise Milne (ULIP) (in association with Being Human 2017 and with grateful acknowledgement of a School of Advanced Study Public Engagement Innovators Award).

Thursday 30 November

The transnational politics of African judiciaries with Peter Brett (QMUL)

Thursday 18 January (2018)


Thursday 1 February (2018)


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